Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing

We’ve created this program because we take wellbeing very seriously and realised engaging guests, visitors and the local community can benefit everyone.
Community Wellbeing has two main goals:

  1. Foster physical and mental wellbeing
  2. Offer time and space for people to engage with one another.

There are several practices available and, with packs ranging from 1 to 10 classes, you can attend any activity currently on offer.



Quinta do Bom Despacho has  8.000 m2 (86.111 ft2) and multiple indoor and outdoor spaces versatile enough to accommodate different types of events.

Outdoor spaces

  • Natural pool
  • Gardens
  • Greenhouse
  • Firepit
  • South Porch

Indoor spaces

  • Dining and meeting room

Every event is different. So, we like to have a chat and see how we can make the most out of your ideas, including e.g. accommodating all your event guests at the house.

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