Physical and mental well-being to deconstruct everyday stress.
Promoting simple practices and encouraging integration with the local community.

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Take part in any class, at any time available, by purchasing an individual class or a package.

We offer a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual health practices.

We often review the practices on offer and the times available for a comprehensive programme.

Our history of sports:

Chi Kung

Yin Yoga

Dynamic Meditation


Quantum Flow

Mindful Mobility



You can find out here what courses are currently on offer, who facilitates them and at what times.

Yes! By purchasing a single lesson or a package of lessons, you can book a lesson in any of the disciplines currently on offer at any available time.

Registration for classes is done exclusively on the respective platform.

By going here, you can click on Install at the top of the page and download the app.

You can register for a class or change an existing registration up to 24 hours before the scheduled class time.

You can bring company for a lesson and discount that lesson from your lesson package.

This way, those who accompany you can try out a sport in good company without having to buy their own package of lessons.

You have a period during which you can use the lesson(s) you have purchased:

  • Single lesson: Up to 14 days
  • Package of 5 lessons: Up to 3 months
  • Package of 10 lessons: Up to 6 months

If you haven’t used all the lessons in your package by the end of the deadlines indicated, they will be cancelled. You can only take part in a lesson by purchasing a new single lesson or a new package of lessons.

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